Our Work in Tunisia

Flouci, our product to the Tunisian Market, is the result of our cooperative process with the Tunisian Government and commercial banks.

Flouci is a payment solution that offers eKYC, mobile payments and credit solutions built with distributed ledger technology. Flouci is a mobile wallet that allows merchant payments, cash in/cash out operations, peer to peer transfers, and domestic remittances especially designed to reach those currently excluded from formal financial institutions. For the already banked population, it offers a more reliable and convenient suite of financial services.

Know Your Customer

Users can open a bank account and submit their e-signature through the Flouci app.

Peer to Peer Transfers

Users can send and receive money from other Flouci users, within seconds.

Merchant Payments

Users can seamlessly pay our partner merchants by scanning the QR code with the app.

Flouci Business is the twin app of the regular Flouci app, dedicated for businesses that want to monitor their daily transactions and revenues. The application offers different insights on the store’s customers and finances through a comprehensive dashboard and summary reports.


Merchants can have their own unique QR code used for easy instant payments.


Merchants can issue and keep track of their invoices through the business portal.


Merchants have access to useful insights about their finances and customers.

Botkeji is designed to automate processes within the bank and ensure real-time access to different banking services. We provide custom solutions for full integration with any popular banking software. Our competent engineering team sees through and ensures the full-integration with the bank’s internal softwares.

Full integration

Botkeji fully integrates with banks’ softwares such as Delta and Temenos, as well as other software systems.


Botkeji automates tedious and repetitive back office tasks to reduce delays and customer frustration. It can increase the bank's overall efficiency by allowing it to focus on building relationships with its high value clients.

Real-time transfers

Botkeji bridges Kaoun Blockchain Network and the traditional bank servers to allow real-time transfers to and from flouci wallets.