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Our Values

  • Perseverence

    Working in the Middle East and Africa usually comes with a unique set of challenges - having to collaborate with governments, adapting to the ever-changing social scenes and complex linguistic backgrounds, and working your way around the general lack of information. Working at Kaoun challenges the perseverant in you, pushing you to actively think about and design solutions for these unique challenges and turning them into valuable opportunities.

  • Authenticity

    Local problems call for local solutions. Kaoun is built on the belief that the best solutions to problems are usually locally-bred - or at least inspired. We work in markets known for their unique characteristics, habits, and most of all, cultures. Thus, we truly prioritize a full cultural immersion for our team - locals or internationals - in order for them to experience the status quo first-hand, understand its roots and sources, and expand their take on the problem, to finally see the actual effect of their work in the real world. In their day-to-day lives.

  • Growth

    No one joins the Kaoun journey and leaves without having learnt a thing or two. Our teams are very interconnected, if not for their knowledge-hungry characters then for our dynamic open workspace.

    The nature of our work is inherently connected with problems ranging from issues of development to the intellectual realms of economics and post-colonialism to cutting edge research in computer science, and more. That is why, we can only offer a culture where intellectual curiosity is rewarded, and where deep discussions are always more than welcome.

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