There is a lag between technology adoption and financial inclusion. We're here to fix that.

We reduce barriers to entry of the unbanked and the under-banked, through the power of their data.

Wherever there is a problem ...

The number of people who have access to credit cards and banking services in general in the developing world is very low. When we compare credit card usage across different economies, the discrepancies become even more flagrant. 

... There is a solution.

Kaoun restructures the payments landscape, and uses the generated data, consolidated with data mined from Social Media, to generate a credit score for everybody. 

A 3 Step Paradigm to Every Market

Push for mobile money integration

We evaluate the market's readiness for app-based mobile money solutions and integrate accordingly. We bridge consumers and app-based payment systems and rework the backend for better data structuring.

We are getting ready to launch Tunisia’s first mobile app that allows the banked and the unbanked to exchange money from the comfort of their phones.

Address pain points in the payments system

Our proprietary algorithm uses different financial data points, accumulated over time, to generate a reliable financial credit score. Thanks to Flouci, the banked and underbanked can have access to better credits.

In Tunisia, credit can be requested, approved, and given by financial institutions to customers through our app.  

Use Data to generate a credit score

Our proprietary algorithm uses payment data over time, coupled with social media data, to predict financial more accurately than traditional credit scoring systems. Instantaneous results, for the banked and the unbanked.

In Tunisia, credit is given by financial institutions to customers through our app.