Hi, We're Kaoun.

We are building a financial inclusion pipeline for the previously unbanked and underbanked.

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Reforming financial systems takes a collaboration between multiple parties. At Kaoun, we help:


Understand and monetize their data for better service and higher profitability.


Develop comprehensive financial programs and smoothly move towards a paperless system.

The Financial Sector

Democratize access to credits and loans by generating alternative credit scores.


Remote Identification (E-KYC)

Our proprietary identification process enables remote Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), to confirm the authenticity of official documents and the customer's identity during the on-boarding or identity verification steps. Some use cases of our technology include online banking and accessing critical e-government services through remote and secure channels.


Electronic signatures

Our e-signature products allow individuals and businesses to sign documents anywhere, store signed documents safely, and share information effectively without physically delivering papers. We help make business and e-government services remote, fast, cheap, and convenient. We are a recognized Delegated Registration Authority (DRA) and follow the most stringent regulations and global security standards.


Online Payments

We have designed an easy-to-use checkout API to help businesses integrate instant mobile payment methods in e-commerce and m-commerce websites. We offer businesses support to create a faster and more secure customer checkout experience while maintaining reasonable transparent fees.

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